How to Replace an LED Light Board in the CoolBar

Posted by Amy Storey on September 20, 2016

Lights you can fix yourself

No farmer wants to wait through a lull in production every time he/she needs a light fixture to be repaired.

Traditional lighting requires that growers remove broken fixtures, send them back to the manufacturer, and wait for the fixed light to be returned. That's a lot of time that crops are left with inadequate light. We know that farmers would rather just grab the screw driver and do it themselves in ten minutes. The fact of the matter is that farmers need a new kind of light.

The CoolBar™ is the answer to that need.

The CoolBar is designed for two things:

1) Ruggedness: farmers need tough lights that will last a long time.

2) Ease of service: farmers need self-serviceable lights that are easy to fix if they do break.

We thought that a "simple fix" should be... well, simple. One such a fix is to replace an LED light board. Each CoolBar has 6 light boards. If one of them goes out, don't ship it back. Just replace it.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Screw driver with #1 Phillips head
  • A table or workbench
  • A new light board (order one at 307-288-1188)
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CoolBar: A Smart Solution for Vertical Farm Lighting

Posted by Amy Storey on September 15, 2016

There are a lot more vertical plane producers out there these days, and they have unique lighting needs. They’re growing in unprecedented ways, and impacting their communities like we've never before seen.

And yet vertical farmers are still stuck using lights that are less than adequate in terms of coverage and arrangement, and paying for repairs in shipping and replacement costs. 

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