The Laramie CSA Wants You

Posted by Perry Baptista on July 2, 2014

The Laramie CSA Wants You

We believe that community is crucial to agriculture.

And relationships between farmers and consumers is not only necessary to ensure safe, sustainable agricultural practices, knowing your farmer is also a beautiful thing.

With this in mind, Bright Agrotech is excited to offer a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share program to Laramie, Wyoming.

Now entering its fourth cycle, the Laramie CSA offers local residents a weekly basket of fresh, aquaponically-grown greens and herbs.

During the summer, a variety of squashes, root crops, and other seasonal vegetables are also included.

This is anti-mystery food. This is the Laramie CSA.

No unknown chemicals.

No unknown harvest date.

No unknown farmer.

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You Can't "Beet" our Produce

Laramie CSABright Agrotech's CSA is grown entirely within the Laramie, Wyoming city limits. Same-day harvests ensure the highest possible freshness. All greens, herbs, and veggies are grown without use of harsh, chemical pesticides. Sustainability is key to our operations.

CSA members are invited to tour our farm on designated days throughout the season. We are transparent and happy to discuss our practices with our customers.


The Only Year-Round CSA in Laramie

By using vertical, aquaponic production, Bright Agrotech is able to offer the only year-round CSA in Laramie - and possibly all of Wyoming. Whole and half shares are available for six or twelve months. Negative forty degree temperatures won't stop your weekly greens delivery.

New: The Summer Share

Is six months too much to commit to?

In addition to our traditional, year-round offerings, we're excited to offer a new, summer-only, three month share.

Take advantage of the best of summer!

Enjoy heavy baskets filled with greens, herbs, squash, root crops, and more.

Available as a whole and half share.


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Laramie CSA Pricing

Whole Share: 3-5 lbs/wk Half Share: 1.5-2.5 lbs/wk
3 mo. Summer Share Family Size: $276 ($23/wk) 3 mo. Summer Share Half Share: $180 ($15/wk)
6 mo. Family Size: $500 ($20/wk) 6 mo. Half Share: $325 ($13/wk)
12 mo. Family Size: $850 ($17/wk; 15% discount) 12 mo. Half Share: $553 ($11/wk; 15% discount)

Beginning July 10th

Don't delay.

Sign up for your share today, and do your part to create a more sustainable future.

Download the CSA contract here for further details.

We are still accepting contracts even though the deadline has passed. Once complete, bring the contract to our office with your payment check or mail it in.


Contact or call (307) 766-6370.

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